Pump Repair Services


Tired of paying top dollar for pump repair services? Give us a call to see how much you can save on your pump repair needs! Our repair manager has 30 years experience, including time at Leybold, Alcatel, and an authorized Stokes repair facility!

Rotary Vane Pumps

We have extensive experience with rotary vane pumps from Leybold, Alcatel, Edwards, Welch, Varian, Labconoco, Kinney and More!

Rotary Piston Pumps

We service all brands of rotary piston pumps like Stokes, Leybold, and Kinney!

Vacuum Boosters

Have a booster pump? We can get it running like new! 

Repair Process Steps


Send in your pump...

Once we receive your pump, we will disassemble it and generate a Repair Report & Quotation for your review. No further work will be done until the quotation is approved.

Reports & Quotations

During the disassembly of your pump we will take pictures of your pump to include with your report. This helps give you an idea on the condition your pump upon arrival and can provide valuable insight on how to maximize your pumps working life after the repair is completed.

Once the pump is disassembled we will generate the report & quotation describing our findings during disassembly. We will attach the photos of the pump and provide what parts need to be replaced and the services that need to be provided to restore your pump to optimal working order. Once the report is reviewed and accepted the customer signs and returns the quotation for the work to be completed.


After receiving the signed quotation, we begin thoroughly cleaning the pump components. We use a variety of tools and methods to bring the pump internals to clean, bare metal. This allows us to decontaminate the pump internals to allow for optimal performance of the pump once rebuilt. 


Once all of the components are cleaned, the pump is reassembled with new replacement parts detailed in the report. 


The last step of the rebuild process is to test the pump to ensure optimal performance. Pumps will be tested for 24 hours using our vacuum measuring equipment and must maintain a pumping pressure of 10 microns or less for the duration before we ship the pump back to the customer. 


Monroe Vacuum Products offers a 1 year warranty on replacement parts and labor on all rebuilds we perform. If a part we replaced as part of the rebuild fails, we will replace it free of charge. 

If pump failure is caused by user error, excessive buildup of process, or any other cause not related to the rebuild of the pump it will no be covered under warranty.